Oct 152016


Time management is a key to successful and happy life. But in our life we are not accustomed to use this key because we ignore all tips for time management and all the useful tactics which may help finish our job better. In doing so we always lose a precious thing , the time. ‘Time never waits’ is an excellent sayings by someone, and it is because the universe is moving and time is passing quickly. Hence to spend a successful life we have to catch this monster.  To avoid time mismanagement you should make task productive so that we accomplish tasks and satisfy ourself and lessen workload. This will also increase time for other works assigned to us.

Organising your tasks by plans:

The best way to perform your tasks is to review and keep notes of your responsibilities. It is better for you to know your workload and responsibility first. Along with this you should also have a balance with routine jobs and special jobs. It you are unable to understand your assigned jobs you can take someone’s help. This will keep you aware of the tasks you need to perform or finish. It will be better for you to keep your tasks noted down on a diary or paper. This will help remember you. It will be better for you to prioritize all of these and keep the most important task at the top.

Breaking Tasks into Smaller Ones: 

The best way to organise heavier tasks and save time is to divide work into small number of pieces so that you can do every step in special time frame. For example you have to make presentation about your company achievements or progress of your school. First thing you will do is to collect data about the progress, then you will organise this data in chronological order. In the last you put down this data into different sections which are already divided in an ordered way. Hence you will organise this presentation. This task will be completed in steps and will create some easiness in working.

Prioritizing Your Work:

The most important point in saving a time or managing a time for your tasks is prioritizing. If you keep your work on priority it will save a lot more time. In order to do so you should make a list of all tasks and keep the important one on the top of list, and completing the all one by one. For example you need to take a bath and at the same time your mom is sending you to the market to buy eggs, you have to chose the job first to perform which may cause difficulty if you perform it at latter time. This may be to buy the eggs before the market is closed or to take bath before the water run out.

Balancing Work and Life:

It is necessary to maintain a good balance between work and your life.  The key to this situation depends upon your own shoulder, and it is upto you on how you manage your life and work together. You should manage your work and your life in a way so that you know your everyday tasks are according to your own choice. Your have to set your priority and your preferences. You do not need to impose others’ priorities or wishes upon you. For example if you ask your boss about your availability 24 hours and think it would cast good impression about your performance, this is not right way to manage your time because this act will bound you and it is likely deteriorate your whole time management plan.

Managing time is not truly the key to success instead managing time in a good way is the key to success. Hence time management also require planning and consistency in your life. If consistency and smoothness is absent you will not be able to manage your life.

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