Oct 062016

Guidelines for Writing Successful Resume

To hunt a good and great salary job it is necessary to write a successful resume. This resume writing guide will tell you how to write a successful resume through some main points which are essential for writing a good resume. You should write your CV or resume according to the following guidelines.


First of all you need to set some goals for your resume. This will tell about the job category you are applying. Always make your resume clean and well formatted. It should be easy to read so that it can have a good first impression. The acceptable resume will be one which is written on a single page and does not contain second page. It means that you have to make possible efforts to make it short so that it fills only first page and does not go on to second one. Resume with multiple pages can be annoying for the reader and if it has bad structure and clarity it may cause bad impact upon reader and have greater chance to be rejected at first glance.  You should also avoid inconsistent and uneven white spaces. If we talk about appearance and format of the document it should be consistent in font, spacing and margins. Information should be very well aligned and briefly described with clarity and visually appealing.


The resume should be polished in such a way that it looks error free to the reader. This will also have a good impact on the reader and definitely will be accepted for further consideration. In order to make it acceptable you need to make all capitalization, grammar error free, typos free with readable sentences.


Contact information or heading at the top of the resume aims to make it reachable. It should be written in correct and clean format, name should be accurate, address should be optional however email and phone number should be clearly mentioned.


The resume should be divided into relevant separate sections so that it can be easily understood. Subject headers should be appropriately chosen and structure of the sections should be easy to follow. Most important information should be present in the top half of the page so that employer can read it immediately without scanning further document. Avoid using irrelevant information such as some personal information like marital status, photo, age and other irrelevant abilities. If your more important relevant and information does not stand out to the reader your resume will be unsuccessful to have any good impact.


The resume should clearly show education achieved starting from the most recent first. You should clearly mention degree title with date, institute name and location. Relevant honors, activities, scholarships and special courses should be written to stand out for readers. Missing of any one of the important education degree may lead to rejection of resume. You are also be careful in writing your CGPA or GPA. If you do not mention it the employer will not clearly come to know about your capabilities. If you miss GPA your resume may be ignored.


In this section you need to write your relevant experience and skills and also past volunteer activities if you have. Describe the experience relevant to the job applied. The informations should not be written in paragraphs rather only single line or few words are enough and use bullets . Write this section  in chronological order. The experience gained recently will have a top position.  Irrelevant experience or experience written in paragraphs with no bullets will be rejected by the reader.


Extra activities, roles, achievements will be written in concise and organized. These information are those which are unique for the information of reader and may add some plus points in favour of you. Add key informations in this section.

These guidelines are easy to follow and you can improve your resume by following them. However resume should not be incomplete. Every section needs to be clearly and concisely described.



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