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What is a Report?

A report is a short summary of some topic or subject or some research work done. It is based on events occurred during an experiment or analysis. This is an experimental report but if your teacher asks you to write a report on a given topic. It may be also a brief history of some events or characteristics of the subject matter under study. You have to evaluate the events or facts of this subject which is under study. It may also be composed of discussions and decisions of outcomes. At the end you have to conclude your report bay giving a short conclusion. This may be an overall brief result or summary.

While writing a report you must keep some points in mind about the report these are accuracy, precision, clarity and structure of the report. It must be well structured, to the point and clear. In addition to this it must be short and concise.

Important points to write a report

There are several thing to do before you start writing your report. You have to do the following before you prepare your mind for writing a good report.

1- Have a look at the instructions of the question related to report writing.

2- If there are no instructions or you are writing for experiment or research work, then you have to keep the events in mind which occurred during the task.

3- Make notes of your research work on a paper and also note the outcome.

4- Note down the occurrence of events in an orderly way.

5- When you finished with your experiment or you have done collecting data about the report then you have to analyse and plan for writing.

When you decide to write about the material or subject under study then follow these instructions.

6- First of all storm your brain for the suitable words which should be added in the writing.

7- Then you should make an outline for the report, this is done by writing the features or characteristics in shortest possible sentences or hints.

8- Now start writing your report, start with a brief introduction in a short paragraph.

9- In the second para or main body, you have to write characteristics or features or methods involved in a very comprehensive way.

10- You may write another paragraph describing the features or outcomes.

11- In the last paragraph you have to present a conclusion based on result or importance of the topic under study.

12- In all the above paragraph you have to keep in mind the structure and order of the events.

13- Do not repeat one word again and again, instead you can use an analogous word for the word previously written.

14- Your sentences should be coherent and linked with other sentences according to the situation in the report.

15- When you finish writing, it is better to have a proof reading before you submit.

That is the complete way of writing a report.

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